Lenten Journey of Justice

Lenten Journey of Justice facebook 2Hello friends, colleagues, classmates, and fellow ministers
I felt led to create an interactive Lenten devotional series based on the thread of God’s justice, a thread often neglected in contemporary evangelical thought, but one that has consistently revealed the heart of God and has echoed through scripture in such places as the Sinai Covenant, the prophets and parables, and is ultimately demonstrated in the Gospels messianic portrayal of Jesus as the suffering servant messianic figure of Isaiah 53.
The rough cycle for Lent I felt led to curate is as follows:
  • Mondays: a scripture reading and brief Lectio Divina
  • Tuesdays: a scripture reading, short video of injustice in our time, and devotional query.
  • Wednesdays: Gathering in a group for prayer, College Avenue Friends will be shooting for 7:30 PM
  • Thursdays: Fast one meal to read suggested scripture and pray, short written devotional
  • Fridays: Fools Challenge (a daring prayer exercise) with a social media hashtag
  • Saturdays: Scripture reading and time of solitude, short devotional.
  • Sundays: sermon tracing thread of justice (at College Avenue Friends), creative group or solo idea for service
We will kick this off with an informal Ash Wednesday. The instructions can be followed either in a group or as an individual, but a group is recommended. Digital means of staying connected on this journey include:
  • Joining the facebook group Lenten Journey of Justice
  • Via email by sending an email to james@cafchurch.org

About jtower11

Hi there! I am James Tower: A husband, father, dreamer, visionary, thinker, poet, mystic, metal-worker, and scholar. I have served College Avenue Friends since 2013. I like to describe the way God has been at work in my life by saying that "He has been creating in me the heart of a pastor, the mind of a scholar, and the zeal of a missionary." I have an extremely nontraditional background as Jesus has given me freedom from the slavery of addiction to drugs, and my journey to faith came later in life after an overdose in 2000. I graduated with a M. Div with an emphasis in biblical studies from George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland Oregon in 2016. I have a love for teaching and revealing the historical and doctrinal context from which the biblical text arises, and connecting its redemptive message to life today. Other interests include teaching a leadership class based on the Friends Testimonies at William Penn University, writing, and metalwork such as blacksmithing, a passion which I enjoy teaching others as a way of discipleship. View all posts by jtower11

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