Lenten Journey of Justice

Lenten Journey of Justice facebook 2Hello friends, colleagues, classmates, and fellow ministers
I felt led to create an interactive Lenten devotional series based on the thread of God’s justice, a thread often neglected in contemporary evangelical thought, but one that has consistently revealed the heart of God and has echoed through scripture in such places as the Sinai Covenant, the prophets and parables, and is ultimately demonstrated in the Gospels messianic portrayal of Jesus as the suffering servant messianic figure of Isaiah 53.
The rough cycle for Lent I felt led to curate is as follows:
  • Mondays: a scripture reading and brief Lectio Divina
  • Tuesdays: a scripture reading, short video of injustice in our time, and devotional query.
  • Wednesdays: Gathering in a group for prayer, College Avenue Friends will be shooting for 7:30 PM
  • Thursdays: Fast one meal to read suggested scripture and pray, short written devotional
  • Fridays: Fools Challenge (a daring prayer exercise) with a social media hashtag
  • Saturdays: Scripture reading and time of solitude, short devotional.
  • Sundays: sermon tracing thread of justice (at College Avenue Friends), creative group or solo idea for service
We will kick this off with an informal Ash Wednesday. The instructions can be followed either in a group or as an individual, but a group is recommended. Digital means of staying connected on this journey include:
  • Joining the facebook group Lenten Journey of Justice
  • Via email by sending an email to james@cafchurch.org

About jtower11

Hi there! I am James Tower: A husband, father, dreamer, visionary, thinker, poet, mystic, metal-worker, and scholar. A former atheist trying to find my way as a Quaker minister. A former drop-out trying to find my way through an M. Div program at George Fox. A former addict who, over twelve years ago had a life changing encounter with Jesus that has altered the course of my life forever. I am a creative person called to pastoral ministry, spiritual direction and discipleship. I love "conversations of consequence" with people who are willing to wrestle through the deeper truths and messiness of life. I have found God in my brokenness, and He has shown me how to use that personal knowledge to work toward healing and reconciliation with others. I love the outdoors, camping and recreation, an eclectic blend of music and arts, and creativity in general. I am passionate about expressing my faith in Jesus, and allowing God to transform every area of my life and every decision I make. Together with my wife Liz and daughters Sophie and Greta, we are on a journey to figure out where, when, and how to live out the call God has placed in our hearts. For more about me check out the "about" or "my story" pages. View all posts by jtower11

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