Lenten Journey of Justice

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I felt led to create an interactive Lenten devotional series based on the thread of God’s justice, a thread often neglected in contemporary evangelical thought, but one that has consistently revealed the heart of God and has echoed through scripture in such places as the Sinai Covenant, the prophets and parables, and is ultimately demonstrated in the Gospels messianic portrayal of Jesus as the suffering servant messianic figure of Isaiah 53.


Week 1: Old Testament Prophets-Amos on Oppressive Greed

Intro to the format of the devotional week

Ash Wednesday: Encountering Holy Frustration

Thursday: “God’s Judgement on Crimes Against Humanity”

Friday: “A Little Closer to Home”

Saturday: Catching Back Up to God’s Heart



Week 2: Old Testament Prophets-Isaiah on Breaking Yokes of Bondage

Sunday: “Enough is Enough”

Monday: “White Washed”

Tuesday: “Roots Within”

Wednesday: “Clean Hands”

Thursday: “Breaking Yokes”

Friday: “Fasting for Freedom”

Saturday: “Light Breaks In”



Week 3: Old Testament Prophets-Micah on Recapturing the Innocence of Righteousness

Sunday: “Oaks and Acorns”

Monday: “Untrained and Unafraid”

Tuesday: “Tools of Life”

Wednesday: “Walking the Walk”

Thursday: “Letting Suffering Speak”

Friday: “Beyond the Present Darkness”

Saturday: “On Loving Mercy”



Week 4: New Testament Prophets-The Shape of Things to Come

Sunday: “Walking the Walk”

Monday: “A Fecund Jubilation”

Tuesday: “Hearing the Minority Voice”

Wednesday: “Breaking the ‘Found’ Barrier”

Thursday: “Releasing with Joy”

Friday: “Dead to Rights”

Saturday: “Manifesto”



Week 5: Parables-The Good Samaritan and Help on the Way

Sunday: “The Truth Hurts”

Monday: “Have Mercy”

Tuesday: “Opened Eyes”

Wednesday: “The Voice Within”

Thursday: “Rough Neighborhood”

Friday: “Worship Without Walls”

Saturday: “True Life”



Week 6: Parables-New Rules for an Upside-Down Kingdom

Sunday: “Beyond Good Intentions”

Monday: “Burden of the Work”

Tuesday: “Fear in the Fields”

Wednesday: “God’s Prerogative”

Thursday: “Pagans and Tax Collectors”

Friday: “A Vision of Renewal”

Saturday: “Banging the Pipes”



Week 7: Holy Week-The Suffering Servant Labors for Atonement

Sunday: “Swordplay and Sifting at the Last Supper”

Monday: “Powerless”

Tuesday: “God’s Business”

Wednesday: “Sparks”

Maundy Thursday

Good Friday

Holy Saturday


Easter Sunday: God’s Victory Triumphs

Easter Sunday: “Numbered with the Transgressors”


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