Quaker Spirituality/Ministry


This page contains various posts on Quaker spirituality and devotional reflections, thoughts on practical ministry and some of the Friends Testimonies, some of my theo-poetical works, and my writings on recovery. Hope you find something that grabs your interest!


What is Worship?

Something to Say About Silence...

On Vocal Ministry…

Quakers and Sacramental Theology 

Is Quakerism “Worship for Introverts?”

Adventures in Prayer

The Cry of the Heart

A Rhythmic Life of Worship

The Work of the People

With Everything

Church Music: A Young Person’s Perspective


Poetry and Theology

Barclay “Ex-Prosed”: Robert Barclay’s Apology as Poetic Prayer

Thoughts on Quaker Feminism: A Devotion from the Life of Sarah Grimke

Dancing in the Desert

The Dark Night of the Soul: A Devotion from the Life of John of the Cross

Jesus as Savior: An Early Conception

Quakers and Jesus: Quaker Christology Project

Quakers and Jesus: First Things

Quakers and Jesus: Toward a Quaker Christology

Quakers and Jesus: Christ as Present Teacher and Lord

Quakers and Jesus: Christ as Seed and Inner Light

Quakers and Jesus: Christ as Center


Pastoral Ministry

Released Ministry: From Theory to Practice

Conception of a Quaker Pastor

I Want To Be the Kind of Pastor Who…


Philosophy of Ministry

The Life and Impact of John Woolman

On Gathering and Scattering

On Going Deeper and the Bleeding Edge

Soil and Sacrament: Ministry as a Garden

Lowering the Pedestal

Finding the New Normal

Who Sits at Your Table?

Inward, Outward, Upward

On Callouses and Callousness…

On Earth As It Is In Heaven…

Adventures in Missing the Point…

The Paradox of Truth and Love

Big and Little “F” Fatherhood


Friends Testimonies

Mosaic of Love

Open Hearts and Open Hands

Learning To Dance Again

Coffee with Stu

The Yoke of Love: Thoughts on Family Conflict Resolution

Why I am a Conscientious Objector… (Fields of Justice blog)

Pacifism and Military Service in the Early Church: A Short History

“Tanks, Tractors, and Tremblers Before God” Part I

“Tanks, Tractors, and Tremblers Before God” Part II: Mt. Zion

“Tanks, Tractors and Tremblers Before God” Part III: Ploughshares and Pruning Hooks

“Tanks, Tractors, and Tremblers Before God” Part IV: Fig Trees and Vines

“Tanks, Tractors, And Tremblers Before God” The Conclusion

A Local and Loving Response to Human Trafficking

“Lenten Journey of Justice” 40 day E-Devotional


Quakerism and Recovery

Recovering Church: A Quaker’s Thoughts on A.A.

More on a Church in Recovery…

No Fingernails

Recovery Profile for drugrehab.org


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